Nicaraguan Lawmakers Rebuff Double Standard in Foreign Relations

Managua, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) Nicaraguan Congressman Wilfredo Navarro today criticized the United States government and its Latin American allies for applying double standards in international relations, a policy that directly attacks Nicaragua.

The fact that the Nicaraguan opposition, with Washington’s support, is determined to request the early general elections, scheduled for November 2021, was questioned by Navarro, who was invited on Wednesday to the program Detalles del Momento, hosted by Moises Absalon Pastora, on the State Channel (Seis).

Why don’t they ask Macri (Argentine President Mauricio) for early elections, who is facing monstrous demonstrations and there is repression against the people, the parliamentarian asked himself when he resumed considerations expressed the day before by Carlos Fonseca Teran, deputy secretary of International Relations of the Sandinista Front.

They have the cynicism to go to the OAS to demand what they don’t do in their own country be done in other nations, so the reality is the aggression against the progressive governments of the region: Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Navarro concluded his speech on the subject.


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