Nicaragua restores main road network after hurricane damage

backpacking nicaragua - road with volcano in the background

Managua, Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) Nicaragua already has 100 percent of its main road network after the effects of hurricanes Eta and Iota, noted on Tuesday the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Oscar Mojica.

The minister recalled in a public television channel that the meteorological phenomena caused the country to be disconnected in 28 points due to several fallen bridges, flooded routes, destroyed roads, collapsed drainage works.

Mojica pointed out that among the main road restoration works, the passage over the Wawa River stands out, as well as the sections between the towns of Waslala-Siuna and the bridge in the city of Teustepe, department of Boaco.

Meanwhile, he set out that the streets of the city of Bilwi, capital of the Northern Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCN), are 85 percent clear of debris.

‘We have been carrying out clean-up actions in Bilwi and in Waspam, where thousands of tons of debris and waste of all kinds have been removed,’ the minister indicated.

Mojica also highlighted that MTI workers and workers from the city halls are participating in this work, with the support of the regional government.


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