Nicaragua Calls for Peace and Condemns Terrorism, Violence

Managua, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) Nicaragua is calling for peace, said Nicarguan Vice President, Rosario Murillo, condemning the acts of terrorism and violence that caused eight deaths in this capital.

‘We had never seen so much monstrosity, so much profanation of our faith and Christian practices,’ referred Murillo, while she was lamenting the death of six people, including two children, in a fire, and the murder of two citizens by criminal groups.

According to Murillo, these terrorist practices, of disrespect for the human condition, are intended to intimidate, hit, panicize the population, and in this case in particular, the Sandinistas.

‘A disaster caused according to those sinister, malevolent, perverse plans that not only provoke tragedies, pains, crimes, suffering, pains, tragedies, crimes and the suffering that they have caused,’ she said. It is totally perverse, abominable, causing pain, crime, aberration, and then, accusing. ‘How much impudence and how much evil,’ she denounced.

The government confirmed that the situation of criminal violence generated by political opposition groups with specific agendas, constitutes a conspiracy that violates the Constitution.

Murillo also rejected the accusations of those groups that ‘in an insane and unprecedented provocation in the country, they conspire to denounce nonexistent attacks, and then they attack and produce victims to blame the institutions of public order’.

The wave of violence broke out on April 18 amid protests against social security reforms, later repealed, but did not stop the demonstrations, to which other political demands were joined.

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