New York’s activists to demand an end to US blockade against Cuba

New York, USA, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) New York’s streets will bear witness to the fourth motorcade organized in this city to demand the United States government to end the blockade against Cuba, according to activists.

The New York-New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition – which represents dozens of organizations and activists – reported that on March 28 it will join this international initiative, which will also take place in about twenty countries.

In New York, the motorcade will leave Harlem and will reach Lexington Avenue and 111th Street, near the famous Central Park.

Washington’s aggression is particularly criminal in the face of the pandemic, as Cuba has given the world a shining example of countering Covid-19 and offering solidarity around the world through the Henry Reeve medical brigades, said the organization in a statement.

That situation in Cuba contrasts with the social crisis and for-profit medical care faced by millions of people in the United States, the text adds.

The motorcades against the blockade will also take place on March 28 in other US cities, and are inspired by those started by Cuban Americans in South Florida to demand the end of the economic, commercial and financial sanctions that make life difficult for Cubans, says the release.


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