New US measures against Venezuela are a desperate move

Caracas (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza stated the recent measures imposed by the United States against officials of this nation are proof of an erratic and desperate policy.

The absurd sanctions announced on Monday by the Trump administration confirm the despair and chronic disorientation with respect to Venezuela. Neither unilateral measures nor economic blockade will halt the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people, the head of Venezuelan diplomacy posted on his Twitter account.

The US Department of the Treasury on Monday included two Venezuelan officials on its unilateral list of sanctioned persons.

According to the announcement, the alleged assets that the General Director of the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration, and Immigration of Venezuela (SAIME), Gustavo Adolfo Vizcaino, and the former director of that body, Juan Carlos Dugarte, have under US jurisdiction will be frozen and they will be banned from undertaking business with US citizens or entities.

As part of its policy against Venezuela, the White House has been promoting several measures, including economic sanctions against companies and individuals, as a way to pressure the government of constitutional President Nicolas Maduro, reelected in May 2018 with 68% of the vote. Meanwhile, the United States recognizes opposition legislator Juan Guaido, head of the National Assembly in contempt, as interim president of Venezuela, and endorsed an attempted coup d’état in late April.


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