New U.S. slander campaign against Cuba

Recibimiento a Médicos Cubanos  procedentes de Bolivia en la terminal nro.3 del aeropuerto José martí.En la foto los tres doctores y el economico que permanecieron preso por cuatro días. De izquierda a derecha: Ramón Emilio Álvarez Cepero,Idalberto Delgado Baró, Amparo García Buchaca,  Alexander Torres Enríquez

Given the resistance of the Cuban people, a media effort is mounted to distract attention from failed U.S. attempts to force the Cuban people to surrender by reinforcing the blockade and depriving us of fuel

Nov 21 (Granma) For several weeks now, the United States government has been conducting a new slander campaign to discredit Cuba, as part of its policy of increased hostility toward our country. Given the resistance of the Cuban people, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the capital with optimism, a media effort is being mounted to distract attention from failed U.S. attempts to force the Cuban people to surrender by reinforcing the blockade and depriving us of fuel.

Being used as a pretext is the arrest of counter-revolutionary José Daniel Ferrer, a salaried agent of the United States, with a long history of provocative actions, disruption of public order, and violations of the law.

The U.S. embassy in Cuba has been the fundamental vehicle of attention, orientation, and financing of José Daniel Ferrer’s conduct, clearly interfering in Cuba’s internal affairs, openly inciting violence, promoting the disruption of order and contempt for the law by this citizen. The head of the diplomatic mission personally directs Ferrer’s activity.

It is well known that, far from devoting its efforts to promoting bilateral ties, protecting the interests of the U.S. people and their government, and the development of peaceful relations between states, the U.S. diplomatic mission in Cuba, and particularly its chargé d’affaires, have in recent months focused on a failed effort to recruit mercenaries, promoting division and confusion among our people, identifying areas of the economy to attack with coercive measures, and attempting to slander and discredit the work of our government and the Revolution.

As usual, the practice of government officials repeating lies, over and over again, is a fundamental ingredient of the campaign.

José Daniel Ferrer was arrested by the police on October 1, in response to a complaint filed by a Cuban citizen, accusing Ferrer and three other individuals of abducting him for an entire night, and giving him such a severe beating that his subsequent hospitalization was required.

Ferrer is awaiting trial. He has received a visit from his wife and children, as appropriate in accordance with Cuban regulations on such legal situations. All references to his physical disappearance, to alleged physical abuse, to torture, or insufficient food, are absolutely false, lies deliberately conceived and disseminated by the United States government and its embassy in Havana. He has received proper medical assistance, performs regular physical exercises and, upon request, is provided religious attention.

For the record, it must be known, given his activity in the service of the United States government, that José Daniel Ferrer has a criminal history of violent behavior, totally unrelated to political motivations. He has recorded violations of the law dating back to 1993. These include attacks with physical violence on other citizens, including women, and public disorder, behaviors that have increased in recent years.

Clearly there is sufficient evidence of his crimes.

It is nothing new for the U.S. government to use people with these characteristics to conduct its subversive activities in Cuba, including slander campaigns with unscrupulous support from the corporate media.

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