New homes for hurricane victims

Construction is hoped to be completed by the end of this month. Photo: Germán Veloz Placencia

Nov 14, Holguin, Cuba (Granma) – Fast yet meticulous work is underway on the outskirts of the provincial capital, in the so-called industrial zone, to build new homes for 20 families affected by Hurricane Irma.

In order to house victims as quickly as possible, project organizers chose an area with a warehouse which is being converted into two comfortable homes, and space to build several others, all with access to the area’s power, water and sewage services.

The work is being carried out by the province’s Poder Popular Construction Enterprise (Ecopp) which, according to its director, Ortelio Leyva Rubio, is mobilizing its forces based in the municipalities of Holguín, Cueto, Cacocum, and Urbano Noris.

Regarding the characteristics of the new neighborhood, which is hoped will be completed by the end of the month, Leyva Rubio explained that homes are either made from cement blocks or wood siding, and feature lightweight roofing.

All have inside bathrooms made with concrete and steel, where residents can take shelter during hurricanes.

According to the director general, ever since work began the enterprise has had the support of the Party and government authorities from the province, as well as other organizations. In particular Leyva highlighted the contribution of specialists and officers of Holguín’s Military Region, who were key to the construction of the first home, applying the experiences gained during recovery efforts in Baracoa following Hurricane Matthew.

With an annual plan to build 97 dwellings quickly and to a high standard, using local resources, these new houses are among the 44 homes currently being constructed by Ecopp in the municipalities of Holguín Antilla, Rafael Freyre, and Calixto García, for families severely affected by the hurricane.

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