New Cuban Film Proposes Important Life Lesson

Por Martha Sánchez Martínez

Havana, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) Starting today, Cuba’s main theaters will exhibit the drama ”¿Por Qué Lloran Mis Amigas? (Why Do My Friends Cry?), a feature-length film made by Cuban moviemaker Magda Gonzalez.

Much has been said about difference today, but few have the courage to assume it or accept it, and the script, written by Hannah Imbert, eludes the precipices of pessimism to focus on the essential: how short life is and how good we would feel if we lived it fully.

Of course, defending what we believe in or love implies courage and, above all, honesty, a crucial value in the plot to unmask stereotypes and conceptions, facilitate understanding, build real bridges between human hearts and demonstrate the importance of friendship.

The limited budget forced the moviemaker to work on one location mainly; however, Tomas Piard’s art direction and the performances by Luisa María Jiménez, Edith Massola, Amarilys Núñez and Yasmín Gómez are fabulous.

All four women are intense, exciting, deep, convinced and convincing, with dialogues that constantly call to reflection and awareness, and that do not exclude anyone, because they show universal conflicts and wishes.

The 82-minute-long motion picture deals about the reunion of four friends after 23 years, so they review their lives and relationships among themselves.

It is worth mentioning the special performances by Patricio Wood, Paula Alí, Ariadna Alvarez, Nestor Jiménez Jr. and Roque Moreno, as well as the excellent music composed by Juan Antonio Leyva and Magda Rosa Galbán.

‘¿Por Qué Lloran Mis Amigas?’ is a film to laugh and cry, but it is above all a motion picture to think about diversity, friendship and honesty, which are indispensable pillars to understand and, to a great extent, to be happy.

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