New Constitution to Boost Ties between Cuba and Diaspora

Havana (Prensa Latina) The Cuban government has invited Cuban citizens living overseas to participate in the debates on the Draft Constitution, a decision that will help strengthen ties between the Caribbean island and its diaspora.

The invitation is unprecedented in the history of the Revolution, because for the first time, all Cubans, regardless of their geographic location, will be able to be involved in the debates on such a relevant initiative to build the country’s magna carta.

It is a major decision, based on the growing number of Cubans who live abroad and the magnitude of the reform under way, Ernesto Soberon, the director of the Department of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad (DACCRE) at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, told reporters in this capital.

According to the official, Cubans living abroad have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a socialist and democratic society, guided by premises like humanism and solidarity, which are enshrined in the Draft Constitution.

This step is an unequivocal show of our government’s will to continue to develop a process that started in 1978 to strengthen ties with Cuban residents overseas, he underlined.

Soberon noted that participation in the debate on the Draft Constitution, which was approved recently by the People’s Power National Assembly, will allow those people to contribute to the construction of a magna carta ‘that we want to give ourselves, Cubans, for the present and the future, guided by the premise of unity around the Revolution.’

The diplomat added that the invitation is in tune with the update of the migration policy implemented over the past few years, which ‘has brought a growing number of Cubans living overseas to their country of origin.’

It is also known that within this big number (estimated at 1.4 million Cubans who live in some 120 countries), only a minority favors the destruction of the Revolution and the return of capitalism that ruled before 1959, Soberon noted.

On July 22, the National Assembly approved the Draft Constitution, which will be debated in all 15 Cuban provinces from August 13 to November 15.

For residents abroad, the opportunity to make comments and submit their proposals on the text will start in the first week of September, after technical conditions are created for their participation.

Soberon explained that the contributions by Cuban residents overseas will be collected at a section on the website Nation and Emigration of the Cuban Foreign Ministry (

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