Nestle’s Nespresso Now Selling Cuban Coffee for U.S. Market

A company is banking on the fact that you’ll want to make yourself a “cafecito cubano” with real Cuban coffee beans.Nestle’s Nespresso began selling coffee grown in Cuba in the U.S. market for its OriginalLine of Nespresso coffee makers. The line of Nespresso single serve capsules called “Cafecito de Cuba,” is made from coffee beans grown by small farmers in the island. The beans are then roasted and packaged for sale at a Nespresso facility in Switzerland.

The first batch of “Cafecito de Cuba” went on sale August 16, on Nespresso’s website and a company spokesperson said they expect it will sell out quickly. A second wave of this limited edition will be available later in September.

Nespresso is able to offer Cuban coffee to the U.S. market because the State Department updated in April the list of goods produced by Cuban entrepreneurs that can be imported and sold in the U.S. This list included Cuban coffee.

Carmen Sesin, NBC News

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