Nestle Sets Foot in Cuban Special Development Zone of Mariel

Havana, Nov 29 (Prensa Latina) Joint venture Nescor Co., created this month by Swiss multinational Nestle and Cuban corporation Coralsa, will have its plant in the Cuban Special Development Zone of Mariel (ZEDM in Spanish), scheduled to start operations in 2020.

After placing the first stone for the construction of the plant, the representative of Nestle in Cuba, Harold Hofmann, assured Prensa Latina that the enterprise has an alliance with the Cuban food industry.

The plant represents an investment of 55 million dollars, will have a capacity to manufacture 18 thousand 500 tons a year of a wide array of products for local consumption and for export, including light food products like cereals, toasted and milled coffee, seasonings for cooking and powder beverages.

Nescor Co. is the third Swiss joint venture in Cuba, after Los Portales and Coralac S.A., which have been operating for 20 years and whose products -mineral waters, sodas and ice cream, are very much appreciated by the locals and tourists-, affirmed Hofmann.

We want to develop healthy products that satisfy the palate of local consumers, in this case Cubans, added the Nestle representative in Cuba, company that has some 500 factories around the world.

The Nescor Co. plant is to be built in a parcel of 56 thousand square meters of the ZEDM, where a structure of 13 thousand square meters will be built, distributed in two floors while its operation will represent Jobs for 165 direct employees and up to 260 later on.

Executive vicepresident of Nestle, the largest food and beverage company, present in 190 countries, and his manager for the Americas, Laurent Freixe, visited the Caribbean nation for three days, touring the Pioneers Palace Ernesto Che Guevara, which will host future facilities for an exhibition hall on Healthy Food Habits.

Nestle executive assured his company looks towards expanding its presence in Cuba, as it sees new growth opportunities.

Beginning with the construction of the plant, Nescor Co. joins the 31 businesses established in the ZEDM, of 14 nations and sectors of the biotechnological and food industries, among others.

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