National Design Prize for Pablo Milanes’ Discography Collection

Havana, May 17 ( Prensa Latina) The ”Pablo Milanes Discografia”(Pablo Milanes” Discography) collection, produced by Bis Music label and designed by Laura Cuendias and Yosvenky Hernandez, won today the National Design Office (ONDi) 2018 Award for Best Design.

‘Pablo Milanes Discografia’, composed of 50 numbered and chronologically ordered titles, has a collection of 53 audio discs and 5 DVDs, more than 600 songs and 7 videos’ hours.

Likewise, the original covers, record notes, technical specifications, pictures as well as data from the recording files were used.

‘The collection has a visual impact which unifies and allows the harmonious coexistence of the different graphic solutions of the original covers of the Cuban singer-songwriter during the period 1974-2015’, states the ONDi in a statement.

The designers contributed general guidelines, promotional application system, computer graphics, documentation restoration and packaging design to the collection.

This work earned Cuendias and Hernendez ONDi 2018 Design Award in Visual Communication-Professional category, a distinction which also went to the work ‘Redesign of Granma Newspaper’, by Ernesto Niebla and a group of authors.

The ONDi Award is the highest state recognition in the field of design granted in Cuba on a biennial basis to national designers residing in the country, who have developed products or systems of products of transcendence in the specialty of Visual and Industrial Communication Design.

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