NAM Summit Ends with Vow to Strengthen Developing World

Screen shot 2016-09-20 at 8.48.12 PMNAM rejected the economic blockade of Cuba, condemned Europe’s policy on refugees, and supported Palestine and Puerto Rico in their struggle against occupation.

In the closing declaration of the 17th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, released Sunday, member states committed to revitalizing the movement and urging the United Nations to reform towards a better inclusion of their countries in the Security Council.

“This document gathers the 17 previous summits,” said Venezuelan host and President Nicolas Maduro in his closing address. “Here is written the history of the struggle of humanity of the peoples from the (Global) South for their right to peace,” added Maduro, whose country took up the group’s presidency on Saturday from Iran.

Maduro also announced that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and non-OPEC countries were “close” to reaching a deal aimed at stabilizing global oil markets.

Among the 21 points the document outlined, the member states committed to building more solidarity and launching new alliances, for instance with the BRICS states; and to work on promoting peace, eradicating poverty and addressing climate change on the world stage.

NAM also rejected the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba, condemned Europe’s policy on refugees, and expressed support for the people of Palestine and Puerto Rico in their struggle against occupation and for self-determination.

Speaking at the summit, which opened Tuesday, Cuban President Raul Castro warned that Venezuela was being targeted by a U.S. economic war aimed at toppling Maduro.

“Venezuela is facing an onslaught … that is against all of Latin America and the Caribbean, that is trying to re-impose and recolonize the politics, economy, culture and life of our countries,” he said.

Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa said OPEC runs the risk of falling apart over differences on market strategy.

“Clearly OPEC has weakened and there is a danger of it disintegrating,” Correa said, speaking on the sidelines of the summit.

Leaders from the 120-nation group gathered on the Caribbean island of Margarita, just off Venezuela’s coast. According to Maduro, “this summit, we can say, has been a total success, a victory of Bolivarian diplomacy.”

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September 18, 2016


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