Movie Club Will Recall Iconic Works of Cuban Cinematography

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Matanzas, Cuba, May 1 (Prensa Latina) The 30th Cuban Meeting of Yumuri Movie Club 2018, scheduled here from June 6 to 10, will be dedicated to three iconic films of the national cinematography, according to the organizer committee.

The event will celebrate the 50 years of the movies ‘Lucia’ by Humberto Solas; ‘Memorias del Subdesarrollo’ (Memories of Underdevelopment) by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Aventuras de Juan Quin Quin (Juan Quin Quin´s Adventures) by Julio Garcia Espinosa.

The audiovisual event, convened by the Matanzas Movie Provincial Centre and the National Federation of Movie Club of Cuba, will have as slogan ‘A meeting of all’ and will also honor the 325 anniversary of this Eastern city, which will be celebrated in October.

The competitive festival for cinema and video will have different categories like: fiction, documentary, video clip, spot of public good and cartoon.

As it is traditional in these meetings, a theoretical event will take place about the following issues: movie club and community; role of movie club and audiovisual culture, movie club vs. cultural consumption and important works of movie club.

The issues included will be: movie made by Cuban Institute of Cinema Art and Industry (ICAIC), investigations on Cuban audiovisual, the cinema of the locality, and the cineclub and its role in the spectator.

The jury for cinema and video will give an Award and both mentions for each competitive category, besides another lauros in the categories of direction, women and men performance, edition, soundtrack, photography, script as well as production.

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