Most Venezuelans Support Dialogue between Government and Opposition

Caracas, May 30 (Prensa Latina) More than 80 percent of Venezuelans support a process of dialogue in the country, President Nicolas Maduro said after the conclusion in Norway of the second cycle of talks between the Government and the opposition.

In a speech in the state of Vargas, the president noted that peace, concord and understanding will prevail in Venezuela, because ‘only a minority believes in coups d’état and demands an invasion by the United States’.

Maduro repeated the Bolivarian Government’s willingness to settle all political differences peacefully and democratically, for the sake of national coexistence, development and the solution of the problems that affect the country.

The Venezuelan president added that after several months of ‘secret and prudent’ talks with the opposition, the parties succeeded in starting a process of dialogue in Norway.

In that regard, the head of State asked the opposition leadership ‘to be brave and tell its supporters the truth, because Venezuela needs to reach secure peace agreements’.

On Wednesday, the delegation from the Bolivarian Government thanked the Kingdom of Norway for the achievements made in the peace talks held in Oslo, and welcomed its commitment to collaborate for a peaceful solution to the political crisis in Venezuela.


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