Morales calls for MAS unity in Bolivia’s upcoming elections

Morales calls for MAS unity in Bolivia's upcoming elections

La Paz, Sep 10 (Prensa Latina) Proselytizing ahead of the October elections continues on Thursday in Bolivia with the MAS-IPSP leading the polls while its campaign manager, Evo Morales, calls for the unity of that political force.

Bolivia’s former president tweeted that the only political movement capable of lifting Bolivia out of the crisis, uniting East and West, the countryside and the city is the Movement for Socialism-Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS-IPSP).

Morales, as a refugee in Argentina, explained that a call is urgently needed to guarantee a national meeting of unity of the Bolivian family with a view to this process.

The indigenous leader recalled that during the almost 14 years of his government they worked so that Bolivian women and men have access to decent housing and, if they win the October 18 elections, the MAS-IPSP will improve this programme so that new generations have their own homes.

‘Another cornerstone of the agenda towards the Bicentennial is to achieve food sovereignty; therefore, we created various support programmes for small producers, such as ‘Mi Riego’, which was vital to diversify production,’ Morales stressed.

According to the government programme of the MAS, the process of change that began in 2006 radically transformed Bolivia from being an exclusive, poor and weightless country in the South American context, to being a more inclusive country, with middle income and with its own voice in the world.


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