MLB Bans Players from Playing in Venezuela Due to Trump Blockade

Washington, Aug 23 (Prensa Latina) The Major League Baseball (MLB) banned its affiliated players from participating in the Venezuelan winter tournament due to the economic blockade that Donald Trump’s administration is holding against the South American country.

‘MLB has been in contact with the relevant government agencies regarding the executive order issued by President Trump about Venezuela,’ the entity said in a statement quoted last night by the ESPN sports media.

According to the text, the big leagues ‘will fully adhere to the policies implemented by our government.’ 

Regarding the Venezuelan winter league, MLB will suspend its participation until it receives instructions from the competent agencies that the presence of affiliated players is consistent with the executive order, the document added.

ESPN said the ban, which prevents major and minor league players from joining the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League, would have significant repercussions, as it could distort the hitherto strong link between the MLB and the South American country.

Annually, dozens of players return home in Venezuela or travel there to take part in the tournament, during which each of the eight participating teams performs 63 challenges.

According to the media, Juan Francisco Puello, commissioner of the Caribbean Baseball Confederation, will refer to the MLB veto this Friday.

The measure is another consequence of growing hostility of the Trump administration against Venezuela and the constitutional government of Nicolás Maduro, whose authority Washington will ignore despite the fact that the president was re-elected with 68 percent of the votes in May,2018.

On August 5, the head of the White House escalated his attack against that country by signing an executive order to block all property and interests owned by the Venezuelan government that are under the jurisdiction of the U.S.

Such action also authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury, to ‘impose sanctions on people who provide support’ to the Maduro executive and restricts the entry of sanctioned persons into the United States.

According to the order, all assets and interests owned by the government of Venezuela that are found or are hereafter in the United States, or held by any American, are blocked and cannot be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn or negotiate otherwise.

The Venezuelan executive denounced that measure as a formalization of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington against the Latin American nation.


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