MINTUR: Cuban Tourism Continues to Grow

Havana, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) The growing spiral of Cuban tourism continues to rise at the beginning of this year, after it surpassed for the first time four million foreign visitors by the end of 2016, the Mintur recalled today.

The country’s Tourism Ministry (Mintur) explained that the archipelago registered a steady growth in the arrival of travelers from all over the world, noting the figures at the end of January this year, when they reported a 15 percent increase.

The director general of marketing of the Mintur, Maria del Carmen Orellana, meant that the tendency of the increase of visitors and the income continues.

She said that European markets are intensifying their increase in the number of tourists arriving to this island, and specified that in first place of issuing markets remains Canada with 30 percent of the total number of travelers arriving per year.

Orellana insisted that the Mintur works to recover the levels of growth from that source that were previously higher.

She reflected that Americans continue to visit Cuba, taking advantage of 12 categories of permits, since they are strictly forbidden to travel properly as tourists.

In 2016 Cuba received 284,937 US tourists, a figure that represented 74 percent growth, compared to the figures for the previous year.

From the statistics of the first month of this year, the Mintur estimate that the increase in operations of international airlines and cruises favored this rising spiral.

At the moment Cuba is in its high season of tourism (November-April) that they hope to conclude it with 17 percent of growth compared to the data of the same period of the previous year.


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