Minnesota lawmakers call for medical collaboration with Cuba

Washington, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) A group of 11 State Senators and Representatives from Minnesota on Thursday hold their call to promote medical collaboration with Cuba in order to fight Covid-19.

In a letter sent to Governor of Minnesota, Dem. Tim Walz, 11 lawmakers led by Sen. Sandy Pappas said that given the impact of the pandemic in the country, they should consider collaborating and working together with new partners in the fight against Covid-19.

The letter particularly urged Walz to collaborate with Cuba to take advantage of and learn from its medical and scientific success in treating the disease.

It noted that Pappas has been interested for some years in the uniqueness of developments in Cuba with respect to its medical system and biotechnology, and that she has led three delegations to Cuba in order to learn more about these areas.

Pappas and her colleague Patricia Torres Ray introduced a resolution on May in the Minnesota Senate that calling for medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba amid the current health crisis, which has already left more than five million infected in the United States.

Such a text, among other issues, asked Walz to guide the Department of Health and other agencies to investigate the potential collaboration with Cuba in order to get earth-shattering assistance and beneficial experience for Minnesotans.

Through the letter sent to governor, dated August 7, Pappas and Torres Ray, in addition to other colleagues such as Chuck Wiger, Carolyn Laine and Chris Eaton, and also representatives Mary Kunesh-Podein, Kristin Bahner, Aisha Gomez, Hodan Hassan, Sandra Masin and John Lesch, highlighted the content of resolution.

They expressed that, as established in that text, Cuba has practically defeated Covid-19, because until July 6, with a population of 11.3 million inhabitants, it had only 86 deaths and a total number of 2,380 cases.

They also pointed out that, at the end of April, 50 countries had requested some health assistance from Cuba to fight the virus, and there are currently more than 35 Cuban medical brigades fighting Covid-19 in thirty nations.

Minnesota has been leader in medical development and technology over the years, and now we have the opportunity to write a new chapter in history by coming to a country that has also become leader in science and technology, while proving a singular humanity towards other nations.


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