Ministry Of Health: The Miracle Drug For Diabetic Ulcers In Cuba!

Dear Editor,

Some years ago I read an article in the Amandala of the experimental Cuban drug HEBERPROT P that was being tested in Europe and was revealing excellent results. Today, the drug has been tested in over twenty-four countries and because of the success in treating diabetic ulcers grade 4 and 5, the drug has been legalized in those countries.

In the USA, although it has been proven successful in many states, it is still not being approved, to the dismay of thousands of diabetic patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, which many times lead to amputations.

I am appealing to the Ministry of Health to please pursue information on the drug Heberprot P so that we can “test” it in Belize and reap the benefits of this miracle drug.


Alfonso C. Ramirez

(P.S.: I am presently still nursing a diabetic ulcer after four years, having received treatment in Belize and Chetumal. Thanks to Clinton Luna for the article on Heberprot P in the Wednesday Amandala.)

Amandala, June 11, 2016

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