Miguel Diaz-Canel Visits the Province of Holguin

Miguel Diaz Canel Visits the Province of Holguin

August 3 (Radio Rebelde) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez visited on Thursday important centers and installations in the Eastern province of Holguin.

The government visit began in the morning hours of Thursday to the El Ramon de Antilla, coastal region located over 100 kilometers from the city of Holguin with potential for the development of tourism. Diaz-Canel learned on the work underway in an area surrounded by virgin beaches.

The Cuban president and political and government leaders traveled to the area of Guaro, in the municipality of Mayari, territory known for its diverse agricultural and animal programs starting from the benefits offered by the east-west irrigation system.

Miguel Diaz Canel Visits the Province of Holguin

After learning about the investments in that part of Holguin, the Cuban Head of State visited the historic site of Biran where he shared experiences with the workers of the institution and stressed that the location is a sacred place for the Homeland and expressed interest for the summer options in the surrounding area.

Miguel Diaz-Canel verified the execution of several restoration process of the historic site, birthplace of Fidel and Raul. He later traveled to the city of Holguin to continue his working agenda in the province.

His first visit in the city was the Valle de Mayabe Valley located in recreational areas five kilometers from Holguin where he witnessed a variety of restaurants and options as part of the summer program.

The Cuban President learned about the facilities that offer food and services to the population and characterized the site as the lung of the city for the development of a healthy recreational area with restaurants, cafeterias, outdoor options and pool.
Diaz-Canel spoke to the population on vacation in the installation, which confirmed what the Director of the tourism complex, Sandra Hernandez said of the success of the center.

As part of the government visit, the President of the Council of State and Ministers saw the contributions made by the local production center of construction materials close to the Mayabe Valley to help in the housing program, mainly in water network components in the Popular Councils.

The president’s agenda also included a meeting with doctors and health workers of the Pedro del Toro policlinic where its Director, Noel Sanchez highlighted the different services given to over 57 thousand inhabitants in its health area.

Diaz-Canel’s tour through Holguin Thursday included construction areas of homes in Sanfiel neighborhood and several remodeling and expansion installations of the service sector in the city’s historic center where he exchanged with several residents that highlighted comfort, variety of options and the professionalism of the restaurant workers.

In each of the visits with workers and population in general, the Cuban President received expressions of support to the Revolution by residents of Holguin.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party in Holguin accompanied the President in his visits.

Meanwhile, Cuban First Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa met with workers in different sectors and exchanged on the economic and social programs in the province.

Among his visits were the production center in Limoncito, the Urbano Noris sugar mill and service centers in the municipality, San Andres community and the factories, 60 Aniversario de la Revolucion de Octubre and Heroes del 26 de Julio.

The First Vice President learned of the potential of both factories within the activities of the Cuban mechanical industry, mainly dedicated to the production of machinery and materials destined to the agricultural and sugar sectors.

By Alfredo Carralero Hernandez

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