Miguel Diaz Canel Presides Over Cuba’s Teachers’ Day Celebration

Havana, Dec 22 (Prensa Latina) Miguel Diaz Canel, First Vicepresident of the Cuban State and Ministers Councils, is presiding over a national celebration of Cuban teachers in the Cuban capital on Thursday.

The activity in the emblematic Ciudad Libertad, in Havana, has been organized for National Teachers Day and commemorates the 55th anniversary of the declaration – by deceased and historical Cuban Revolution leader, Fidel Castro Ruz – that Cuba was a country free from illiteracy.

Cuban Education Minister Ena Elsa Velazquez confirmed the commitment of Cuban teachers of all levels (primary, secondary, pre-university, polytechnical and unversity) to honor the legacy of Fidel Castro.

Minister Velazquez also stated that Cuban education professionals have a duty to carry the effectiveness of Cuban teaching far beyond Cuban national territory and highlighted the significance of the National Illiteracy Campaign that ended on December 22nd, 1961, which she said was the genuine work of the Cuban Revolution.

Thanks to the campaign carried out by Cubans, more than 707,212 adults learned to read and write, including 25,000 Haitian-born citizens living in Cuba.

The project was carried out in agricultural areas in the provinces in the east of Cuba, for those who did not speak Spanish, as well as disabled people living in these areas.


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