Mexico Praises Cuban Environmental Program

Havana, July 2 (Prensa Latina) I realize there is great interest in providing all technical and scientific aspects of Tarea Vida environmental program, which has a strategic scope, according to a Mexican businessman.

The General Manager of Progreso de Veracruz sugar mill, Rafael Rivera, also told Prensa Latina about this Cuban initiative to face climate change, a well-defined program that allows us to know where danger is heading to, for example, in 2024 and in 2030.

Rivera, who attended the 15th International Congress on Sugar and By-Products (Diversification 2019), praised that Tarea Vida program has a major investment planning in bioelectrics.

There is a great interest in this energetic plan, not only in the agricultural part but also in biology and environment, he stated.

Diversification 2019, which concluded in Havana over the weekend, made possible the debate of over 200 papers on sugar industry, and several workshops were held, one of them goal-oriented to environment and climate change.


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