Mexico: López Obrador’s message of optimism to the people on Covid-19

Mexico, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) President Andrés Manuel López Obrador today sent a message of optimism to Mexicans by ensuring they are doing well and will successfully emerge from the Covid-19 epidemic and the economic crisis.

In a video filmed in his office at the National Palace, the president said that he can demonstrate that Mexico is among the countries that presents the best results in the fight against this pandemic, and called to follow the advice of scientists.

My recommendation as President of the Republic, he said, is that we follow the advice that specialists are transmitting to us and he praised the role played by the undersecretary of Health Prevention, Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, whom he described as a very responsible and honest scientist.

He said that TV Azteca businessman Javier Alatorre was wrong last night when he called people not to listen to López-Gatell but did not censure him because ‘they were not well thought-out words and he has his right to express an opinion’. But the undersecretary is a scientific authority and I feel very well represented by him, he said.

He commented that the period of confinement is lengthening and that leads to compliance with the measures because the most sacred and sublime objective is the life of each one of us. However, the country begins to recover economically, he assured.

We already have a plan, we are working to support 60 percent of households, starting with the poorest, then the lower middle class, and then the middle class, and then the rest, because aid will reach everyone.

He reported that from March 10 to April 10, 46 billion pesos (more than 2.5 billion dollars) were awarded to eight million older adults and one million children with disabilities.

From May to June it will be two billion 800 million dollars, in June another equal amount, and it will increase because we are going to deliver three million credits to small family businesses and to those who seek life as they can on the street.

Also, he said, 11 million scholarships will be given, supports will be provided to the field with the Production for Well-being program, 180 thousand fishermen will be included as of May and the money will be sent to bank accounts so that they do not go out.

That same month, five sections of the Mayan train began, which involves the creation of 150,000 jobs, we continued with the oil refineries, the construction of the Santa Lucia airport and the Sembrando Vidas, Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro programs were expanded, and many injected resources to activate the economy,

Not long now, let’s not be discouraged. We are in times of fraternity, to demonstrate that we have a dignified, humane, and just Republic, concluded his message to the nation.


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