Mexico: López Obrador Proclaims Advances in Overflowing Zocalo

Mexico, Jul 2 (Prensa Latina) President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador proclaimed Monday that Mexico is advancing by resuming what was done in seven months of government, in a rally for the first anniversary of his electoral victory.

The president said in a plaza crowded by tens of thousands of Mexicans that the triumph on July 1, 2018 was a victory of men and women of the countryside and the city to start not a simple change of government, but to overcome forever the corrupt and ruthless regime that prevailed.

It is, he said, a major challenge, something truly fruitful: to build a new homeland more just, prosperous, democratic, free, peaceful, fraternal and sovereign.

Today, 12 months after that collective feat, we are here to reaffirm our commitment not to fail the people of Mexico. With what has been achieved in seven months, it would be enough to show that it was not more of the same but a profound social transformation, he said.

Immediately, he threw out like a rosary of what he considered his main conquests in these first months of his government. Among dozens of positive facts listed, first, the reduction of fuel theft by more than 94 percent which means a saving of 50 billion pesos (more than two thousand 500 million dollars).

Corruption and electoral fraud were reclassified as serious crimes, while cancellation of taxes was canceled. The presidential staff disappeared and the eight thousand elite elements that looked after the president passed to the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard.

Espionage disappeared to the eyes of employees and in the chamber of deputies the republican austerity law was approved, the criterion will continue to apply that ther can’t have rich government, with poor town, and that the servant must serve the nation and will have to get used to in the middle term.

You cannot earn more than the President of the Republic, there is no special savings fund for the officials and we save ourselves with those two measures 10 billion pesos (more than 500 million dollars).

The purchase of more vehicles for officials was prohibited and, on the contrary, those that were available were sold and their results were delivered to two poor municipalities in Oaxaca.

The salaries of public officials were lowered and those of the workers were increased, and the minimum wage was raised by 16 per cent, something that did not happen in the 32 years of the neoliberal period.

32 aircraft were sold and the expensive presidential plane is on sale and the institute was created to return the stolen goods to the town. Government advertising spending was reduced by 50 percent, saving four billion pesos (more than 200 million dollars).

The consolidated purchase of medicines for two thousand 2019 began with a saving of two thousand 700 million pesos (more than 140 million dollars), and savings of 113 billion pesos (almost six billion dollars) have been obtained in government purchases.

51 Promexico parasitic offices disappeared abroad and an agreement was reached with UN offices for special projects and transparency to eradicate corruption in the construction and construction processes.

Real taxes have not been raised or public debt has grown, inflation has dropped 1.0 percent compared to last year, and peso is the currency that has strengthened the most in the world in relation to the dollar.

The president recounted the progress of the dozens of social welfare programs he carries out, the national development plans, the issues of migration, education and violence, among many others.


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