Mexico aspires to strengthen Celac

The country’s undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean announces plans for the regional bloc’s work in 2020 defending peace and integration, during Mexico’s term as president pro tempore

Dec 2 (Granma) Looking to revitalize the work of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), Mexico presented an agenda to representatives of member countries, to be addressed in 2020, when this nation will assume the pro tempore presidency of the multilateral organization.

The plan was announced by Mexican Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maximiliano Reyes Zúñiga, on his Twitter account: “This morning (November 28) we shared with our accredited ambassadors in Mexico the 2020 proposals for our country’s pro tempore presidency of Celac.”

During its term, the Mexican government intends to strengthen the 33-member bloc, to promote dialogue, mutual respect, the peaceful resolution of conflict, and the defense of the region’s true interests.

Regional integration and the defense of peace in Latin America and the Caribbean were the main mandates with which the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States was constituted. The initial idea for the establishment of this intergovernmental mechanism emerged in February 2010, during the Latin American and the Caribbean Unity Summit, held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

A year later, during the Caracas Summit, Celac was definitively constituted and held its first official meeting in Chile in January 2013.

Cuba is a founding member of the organization, assumed the presidency in 2014, and has been a promoter of the proclamation of the region as Zone of Peace, approved during the Second Celac Summit held in Havana.

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