México and Cuba Share Cultural History: Director of Photo Library

México, Aug 27 (Prensa Latina) Relations between Mexico and Cuba are very close in politics, but also in the field of culture,where they share a special place, assured today Juan Carlos Valdez, director of the Photographic Library of the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

In an exclusive interview for Prensa Latina, he detailed that history, the nearness, common language and deep cultural affinities are points and reasons articulating intimately our societies.

He said to be proud of having contributed to the restoration of images and documents of National Hero Jose Marti that are in the Cuban State Council.

Valdez commented that both nations keep sharing, as in past generations, and he recalled how Cuban music, the son, rumba arrived and took over Mexicans.

Not only musicians came to Mexico and succeeded, he said, photographers of both nations have had the synergy to carry out joint projects, that is another example of friendly and creative links.

Valdez recalled that the high educational and creative level of Cubans makes it possible to work in different fields and much more in the cultural sphere.

Referruing to collaboration with Cuban Photographic Library, he illustrated there are links with the treatment of documents and the exchange of specialists in that area.

The new technologies (Internet) make possible a virtual closeness and allows for a punctual follow-up of projects and counseling.

In conclusion he said that when he travels to Cuba he feels as if ‘I were at home, because so much kindness, love and feelings come out that we share’.


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