Mexicans repudiate attack on the Cuban embassy in the US

 Mexicans repudiate attack on the Cuban embassy in the US

Mexico, May 4 (Prensa Latina) Numerous signs of support for Cuba and condemnation of the attack against the island’s embassy in Washington are registered in various parts of Mexico, solidarity organizations report today.

The Asociación Cívica Mexicanos Unidos, expresses in a statement its forceful repudiation of the cowardly aggression against the diplomatic headquarters of our sister Republic of Cuba on Thursday, April 30 in Washington, D.C.

Mexicanos Unidos holds US President Donald Trump directly responsible for his hate speech and incitement to violence against Cuba, in particular, and the entire world.

It considers the attack an absurd attempt to divert public attention in the face of his immeasurable criminal incompetence to face the Covid-19 pandemic that has already affected more than a million US citizens and has caused more deaths in that country than those registered in the war against Vietnam.

We express to the brotherly people of Cuba and to their government our affection, respect and support, today and always, the statement ends.

For its part, the Tlalpan Rebellion and Resistance Network strongly condemned the attack with high-caliber weapons suffered by the Cuban diplomatic headquarters in Washington, coinciding with the imperial defeat in Vietnam in 1975, and the triumph of the Red Army over the Nazis in 1945.

We hold the government of the United States of America responsible for this attack, for its constant hate messages that incite violence, and we accuse that these campaigns constitute a crude attempt to hide their inability to serve their population in the face of the Covid pandemic. 19.

Also the Association of Cuban Residents in Mexico José Martí strongly condemns the attack and demands that the North American authorities carry out an immediate investigation and present the authorities in Cuba to the attacker and everything related to this terrorist act.

It called for the integrity and integrity of the diplomatic headquarters and its officials to be respected and guaranteed in accordance with the provisions of the Vienna Convention.

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