Mexican press highlights Cuban antivirals against Covid-19

Mexico, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) The benefits and scope of the Recombinant Interferon Alpha 2B (IFNrec), an antiviral produced by the Cuban biotech industry, were highlighted Thursday by La Jornada newspaper.

This antiviral is one of those chosen and used in China to fight Covid-19, and was created in Cuba 39 years ago as a protein with antiviral properties, thanks to the biotechnology industry in 1981.

China is currently applying a combination of antivirals with traditional medicine products and Western drugs, including the Recombinant Interferon Alpha 2B (IFNrec)

La Jornada posted that IFNrec is the result of Cuban biotechnology, a miracle resulting from a strong investment in education and health sectors, with the guarantee of a universal and free access.

It also highlighted some details of the benefits of genetic engineering coming from a set of disciplines and new techniques, allowing to open the first Biotechnology Center in Cuba, in 1986.


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