MEPs call for mediation with the US in favor of Cuba

Havana, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) European lawmakers urged the head of European Union (EU) diplomacy Josep Borrell to mediate with the United States to exclude Cuba from the terrorist list, the country’s Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday.

According to the Cubaminrex official website, members of the Intergroup of Friendship and Solidarity with the Cuban People in the European Parliament sent a letter to express their opposition to consider Cuba as a sponsor of this scourge.

The president of that group, Javier Moreno, asked Borrell to ‘raise the issue and the urgency of eliminating the US economic and commercial blockade against Cuba in the course of his contacts with President Biden.’

‘We firmly believe that the EU should continue to promote dialogue, cooperation, political openness and mutual understanding between the EU and Cuba,’ he noted in the text.

In addition, the also president of the Spanish Socialist Delegation in the European Parliament underscored in the letter that this action aims at ‘creating many difficulties for the Cuban people and for the commercial and economic relation between the European Union and Cuba.’

‘This last-minute measure is an act of gratitude to the radical groups of Cuban-Americans residing in the United States who oppose Cuba’s government and represents a new attack against it,’ the letter refers.


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