Medical University of Santiago de Cuba Starts 55th Course

Santiago de Cuba, Sep 5 (Prensa Latina) With an increase of the registration in Medicine and the celebration of 55 years of the beginning of the teaching of their specialties out of the Cuban capital, the Medical University began today its classes.

Doctor Silvia Reynoso, rector of the institution, reported that more than 600 students extend the universe of learning in the main career as regards the previous period, to what the putting adds in practice of the so-called Plan D that perfects the education system.

With a number superior to 8,600 pupils, the cadre will apply also new forms in the postgraduate course formation, with a diapason that spreads to the oriental provinces of Guantanamo, Granma and Las Tunas in the preparation of its specialists in diverse disciplines, pointed Reynoso.

Between the improvements for the new stage it highlighted the acquisition of modern equipment of laboratory, principally of microscopes, and the revitalization of the practices of anatomy with the suitable pieces for it.

The rector alluded to the implicit motivation in 11 periods of five years of the top medical teaching beyond Havana, a milestone that was inserted in the revolutionary transformations in the health services in Cuba and made possible in that stage to begin to fill the gap for the exodus of these professionals.

As part of the internationalism in this field, there are thousands of foreign doctors, graduated from this university, from approximately 72 nations, and 92 teachers of its staff collaborate in the physicians’ preparation in 11 countries of isolated latitudes.

The first graduation of foreign students corresponded to the course 1972-73, after the foundation on February 10, 1962 for the Minister of Public Health of that time, José Ramón Machado Ventura.

The old School of Medicine was assigned to the University of Oriente and was receiving pupils from Camagüey up to the current province of Guantanamo.


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