Medical brigade that fought Covid-19 in Honduras returns to Cuba

Medical brigade that fought Covid-19 in Honduras returns to Cuba

Tegucigalpa, Sep 8 (Prensa Latina) The medical brigade of the internationalist contingent Henry Reeve which was in Honduras returns today to Cuba after more than four months of collaboration against the Covid-19, the island’s embassy here told Prensa Latina.

The group made up of medicine and nursing specialists arrived in the northern city of San Pedro Sula last April 19th and became the 21st team of health professionals from the Caribbean island that were sent to lend their expertise in the fight against the pandemic in other countries.

The local press gave full coverage to the farewell of the Cuban contingent, who left a pleasant impression because of their work and support for the health system of one of the nations most affected by the epidemic in the region.

In statements to the HCH TV station, Dr. Blanca Toymil, coordinator of the brigade, said that at their departure they see a health system much more aimed at strengthening primary care.

The physician explained that part of her work consisted of contributing to the improvement of health education, ‘the importance of reaching each of the homes, transmitting confidence and messages to educate the population so that they do not get sick.’


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