Medical brigade in Azerbaijan rejects campaign against Cuba (+Photos)

Baku, Dec 7 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Medical Brigade working at the Semashko City Clinic Hospital number 1 and at the Yeni klinika medical institution in Baku, Azerbaijan, rejected on Monday the orchestrated media campaign against the island and supported the Revolution.

During an act held in Baku, the members of the brigade energetically rejected the media campaign orchestrated against Cuba, led by extremist groups of Miami’s anti-Cuban Mafia, sources from that medical mission in this country stated.

Such maneuvers, along with other desperate attempts by the outgoing US administration, seek to create a matrix of opinion contrary to the Revolution, highlighted the participants in the event, where the call for the Cubans’ unity was also supported.

The health collaborators ratified that this is an unconventional war scenario with the aim of generating a change of government, which has been maintained for years as a tool of the US foreign policy towards Cuba.

They assured that their best contribution to Cuba is the daily duty fulfillment, continue fighting Covid-19 in Azerbaijan, preserving the legacy of solidarity and internationalism of the Cuban medicine and ‘making a Homeland through saving lives.’

The Cuban doctors reaffirmed their deep anti-imperialist feeling and their commitment to the history of Cuba, with respect for the island’s patriotic symbols and with the legacy of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

During the event, the doctors also commemorated the 124th anniversary of the fall in combat of Major General Antonio Maceo, known as the ‘Bronze Titan.’ Maceo involved in the independence struggles against the Spanish colony.


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