Medical brigade in Andorra provides services, says Cuban FM

Havana, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today ratified that all the doctors and nurses of the island’s brigade in Andorra are incorporated in the health care against the Covid-19.

The foreign minister added that among them is the aid worker whose test had been positive at one point, but on repeating the test he was confirmed as negative for SARS CoV-2, and he was able to join his colleagues.

At the end of March, the Caribbean nation sent a brigade of 39 professionals from the Henry Reeve contingent, which specializes in disaster situations and serious epidemics, to the European country to support the advance of the pandemic.

This collaboration was very well received by the citizens of that principality, who since the arrival of the Cubans have shown their sympathy through gestures such as collective applause and the broadcast of the Cuban anthem.

Earlier, at the airport in Madrid, Spain, taxi drivers and terminal workers also gave the health workers a standing ovation during their passage to the place of their location.

Andorra requested the presence of its professionals in the face of the increase in the number of cases of Covid-19, which now exceeds 540 infections and twenty deaths.

This territory, with about 76,000 inhabitants and an area of 468 square kilometers, has the aggravating factor of sharing borders with Spain and France, two of the nations punished by the novel coronavirus.

Other countries have also asked for help from Cuba, to fight the disease, to which the Caribbean government has responded with the departure of 15 brigades and around 700 professionals.


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