Media Siege against Nicaragua Denounced

Caracas, Jul 22 (Prensa Latina) The media siege against Nicaragua is much bigger compared to the one organized in Venezuela, the journalist and political analyst Eleazar Diaz Rangel said today.

During his usual Sunday column in Ultimas Noticias newspaper, which he directs, Diaz stated that Nicaragua has been fighting since April against these new attempts by the United States to replace the government of President Daniel Ortega, who was elected by 70 percent of votes.

I write ‘new’ because the United States invaded that country several times, one of them was in 1929, and was defeated by the revolutionary army commanded by Augusto Cesar Sandino, he wrote. They are now using other methods, similar to the ‘guarimbas’ (violent protests) that were promoted in Venezuela, with participation of the Church, the use of weapons of all kinds, assassinations of dozens of police officers, kidnappings, executing a perfectly conceived and implemented plan, Diaz Rangel said. Naturally, a media siege that is much bigger than the one organized against our country.

‘They disseminate news every day through the press, radio, TV and uniformly elaborated networks, always attributing to the government all the chaos caused by the aggressors, news that are spread by hundreds of media in Latin America, without giving opportunity to contrary versions,’ he stated.

Diaz Rangel noted the efforts made by President Ortega ‘to resolve such a serious situation through dialogue, and has even relied, I do not know if naively, on the leadership of the Church as a mediator, despite the evidence of its complicity.’

Diaz Rangel added that (Ortega) recently rectified, when he lamented the behavior of bishops, ‘I thought they were mediators, but no, they were committed to the coup leader, they were part of the plan.’ We already knew that.

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