Martinique thanks Cuba’s solidarity in the fight against Covid-19

Paris, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) The Mayor of Lamentin David Zobda thanked here on Wednesday the support provided to Martinique in the fight against Covid-19 by a Cuban medical brigade of the Henry Reeve Contingent, which concluded its work in October.

Zobda expressed his gratitude to Cuba’s Ambassador to France Elio Rodriguez for the work carried out by the medical brigade of 15 doctors and other healthcare professionals, who provided services in the Caribbean territorial community for over three months.

On a meeting held at the headquarters of the National Assembly, Rodriguez reiterated to the mayor of the Martinique town Cuba’s will to maintain cooperation with the Caribbean peoples in sectors such as health, culture, sports and the response to natural disasters.

According to a press release from the Cuban embassy, during the dialogue they addressed issues, such as the international campaign for the awarding of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to the Henry Reeve Contingent, created in 2005 to support other countries and territories affected by natural and serious disasters and serious epidemics.


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