Marco Rubio: Huge personal expenses

A fact that has spread throughout his political career.

For years, commented DiarioContraste website last Sunday, his opponents have scratched him on that front.

Just in 2010, they found that as a federal senate candidate he faced his personal expenses with a credit card of the Republican Party.

Now that he aspires to be presidential candidate for that organization, the Miami Herald released in Miami some of his incomes.

Last year, Rubio made $174,000 as a federal senator, $52,000 from book royalties and a university teaching post, as well as $5,000 from rental properties.

In addition, remarked the Herald, he executed “a desperate financial maneuver”: he cashed out nearly $70, 000 from his retirement funds.

But according to that newspaper, the problem is not so much his income, but his spending.

Over the years, it noted, Rubio’s spending habits have enabled his opponents to put him in uncomfortable spots.

He also purchased a stake in a rental home that at some point faced foreclosure.

When assessing his behavior, analysts said that it reflects his “pressing” need to reach money.

One of them, Boston University economist, Laurence Kotlikoff, affirmed:

“It means that in some way he’s living above his means, because he’s borrowing against his future”.

During an interview with Fox News Sunday, Rubio tried to justify it by saying that “He needed access to cash for personal expenses and his presidential campaign”.

He also admitted that he had, at least, two other active retirement accounts.

Later, he self-sacrificed even more by stating, “My refrigerator broke down, and that was $3,000”.

But he did not stop and added the need to replace the air-conditioning unit of his home.

“All my children –he assured– go to school centers and are getting closer to collage, and school’s getting more expensive”.

Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, have four children in private schools and altogether they annually pay $40,000 in tuition alone.

A Florida democratic spokesman, Christian Ulvert, said that the senator’s explanation could have impact against him.

“Most average Americans do not buy a $3,000 refrigerator”, Ulvert assured.

And he added “Most families cannot afford to send their children to private schools”.

In his campaign speeches, Rubio makes emphasis on his origin by pointing out that he’s the offspring of Cuban immigrants, a bartender and a hotel maid.

But he hides a Washington Post investigation, which proved his falseness, since he has exhibited them as “people persecuted by Castrism” who fled the island.

Recently, he also hammered that he was saddled with his student loan debt.

Nevertheless, and according to reliable sources, in 2014 his family was far from poverty.

But there’s something that not even the lies inherent to Marco Rubio’s flesh and spirit can erase, his standard of living that is highly above his income.

Written by Nicanor León Cotayo, CubaSí

May 26, 2015

Cubasi Translation Staff,

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