Many US People in Favor of Rapprochement with Cuba

By Martha Andrés Román Correspondent Washington, June 24 (Prensa Latina)

Republican and Democrat lawmakers, business and scientific groups, Cuban-Americans, non-profit organizations: so many voices criticized the US President Donald Trump’s decision to reverse some progress in the rapprochement with Cuba .

Facing Trump’s speech on June 16 and the signing of an executive order imposing new restrictions on travel and economic relations with Cuba, many US sectors are in favor of continuing efforts for normalizing relations with the Caribbean island.

The two-party Cuba Working Group (CWG), made up of 24 members of the US Congress, said that in coming days it will be deeply involved in federal agencies to lessen the harmful consequences due to the new policy.

CWG Co-presidents, Democrats Barbara Lee and Kathy Castor, and Republicans Rick Crawford and Tom Emmer, stated Trump’s policy was bad for US businesses and an unjustifiable risk to national security.

Therefore, the CGW added that instead of reversing the rapprochement with Cuba the door should be opened to greater commitment.

Meanwhile, some Senators such as Mark R. Warner and Patrick Leahy of Blue Party, and John Boozman, Jerry Moran and Jeff Flake, regretted the step backwards of the US President’s policy.

Jeff Flake, Arizona lawmaker, estimated that any change for reducing US citizens’ ability to travel freely to Cuba is not in their best interest or Cubans’.

‘It is time for the Senate leadership to finally enable me to vote on my two-party bill to utterly lift these archaic restrictions that are not implemented to travel to any other nation worldwide,’ he urged.

In turn, the US Chamber of Commerce ratified its willingness to continue working to eliminate ‘outdated policies’ and recalled that it is collaborating with Congress and public and private sectors from both nations to do away with some barriers to the exchange of goods and services, to create jobs and to further bilateral growth.

Meanwhile, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) said that it still remains pledged to the exchange of specialists and scientific knowledge between both nations.

In turn, Cuban-American Lawyer Jorge Quintana has stated in an interview with Orbe that US President Donald Trump’s executive order is a further challenge for those people who fight for the normalization of relations between the two countries.

We have to seek for new opportunities to better bilateral ties, said the Cuba Connections, Corp. President, a non-profit organization dedicated to boosting rapprochement.

Quintana, a Helena City resident, said US President’s speech was an insult, and was confident that the path chosen by the Republican will fail.

In his opinion, the solution for Cuba’s problems has to be in the hands of Cubans, who, he said, can defend themselves in the most admirable way.


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