Major Cuban Dance Company to Perform in Europe

Acosta Danza

Sept 18 (Redacción ¡ahora!) Acosta Danza, company directed by Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, will perform in Austria, Greece and the UK from next September 22 to October 5.

The international tour will take to European stages a program composed of renowned pieces of the company’s repertoire, including ¨De punta a cabo, ¨choreography on the original by Alexis Fernandez (Maca), and ¨Rooster, ¨by Christopher Bruce, with music by The Rolling Stones.

There will also be ¨Fauno and Mermaid, ¨duets created by Belgian Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, as well as ¨Carmen, ¨Carlos Acosta’s version on the famous novel by Prosper Mérimée, with music by Georges Bizet, said Lester Pereira, press director of the company.

The coda of these presentations will be the performance of Carlos Acosta and Acosta Danza Company at the Royal Albert Hall in London in the celebration of the 30th anniversary in the dance of the renowned Cuban dancer. / ACN

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