Maduro Urges Permanent Mobilization against Imperial Aggressions

Caracas, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, today ratified the need to maintain permanent mobilization in the streets against destabilization attempts promoted by the local right and the United States.

Through the social network Twitter, the head of state urged the people to preserve calm and good sense in the face of any circumstances of coup actions, both military and psychological.

‘ In the face of imperial aggressions, I ratify any circumstance: nerves of steel, calm and good sense, full consciousness and permanent mobilization. We will continue to win,’ Maduro wrote on the digital platform.

The president specified that with two big marches agreed for March 8 and 9, a national day of reaffirmation of the civil-military union will be resumed.

Maduro said that in the face of the coup d’état, popular actions are a fair defense of history.

Union with wisdom and intelligence (…) we can never fall into provocations led them continue with their game of boys, here we will defend the homeland,’ said the leader.


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