Venezuela’s President Addresses the Nation after Failed Attempt

Caracas, Ago 4 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, who survived a failed drone attack while he was addressing a military parade on Saturday late afternoon in Caracas, held Colombia’s outgoing President Juan Manuel Santos and the ultra right wing of the two countries responsible for the assassination attempt.

The Head of State was delivering the closing speech on the 81st Anniversary of the National Guard when several drones loaded with explosives blew up close to the platform from where he was speaking at 17:41 local time. Seven guards were wounded and are being treated in hospital.

Addressing the nation from the Miraflores Palace (seat of Government) hours later, he said the police had immediately launched an operation and captured some of the pertrators of the failed attack, adding the investigation is moving fast.

The first results -he said- point to groups of the Venezuelan and Colombian oligarchy being behind the terrorist action with financial support from individuals in Florida, US.

He particularly mentioned Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos of being involved in the plot to kill him. He denounced Santos for having predicted in recent days the imminent end of Maduro and his Government.

Having said that, Maduro blamed Venezuelan and Colombian rightist groups of conniving to bring down his Government and of hiring hitmen for making an attempt against his life.

They are feeling cornered by the success of recent politics and as the extreme opposition fails to win in democratic elections, they resort to violence and crime, Maduro denounced.

The President added he asked the Public Ministry to move fast to complete the investigation. The full force of the law will fall on all the perpetrators and those responsible, he stressed. ‘They will have no pardon,’ he stressed.

He asked the nation to stay united and assured hatred will not prevail over peace.

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