Maduro Condemns U.S. Attempt to Justify Aggression on Venezuela

London, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, denounced the media campaign against his country and the attempts of the United States to justify a military intervention, in an interview published on Tuesday by the BBC British network.

In statements made to the UK radio and television company, the president condemned the aggressions orchestrated from Washington against his nation, among which he quoted the economic blockade, the dissemination of false news, the threat of military action and the preparation of a coup d’état with the support of the extreme right.

‘Why is Venezuela so interesting for the West and the United States? If we produced potatoes, parsley or apples, perhaps we wouldn’t exist on the geopolitical map, but we have the largest oil reserve in the world, fourth of gas and we are certifying ourselves as one of the largest gold reserves,’ Maduro said.

‘Today we preside over the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and that is why they consider it important to launch attacks of all kinds on us, to corner us and then provoke an outcome like that of Iraq and Libya. But Venezuela is neither Iraq nor Libya,’ he added.

He also criticized the role of the big media like CNN and the BBC in spreading lies about his country, as part of a script established to justify any kind of aggression.

However, he stated that the South American nation will face all obstacles and will defeat the campaigns against it with the truth.

‘The West manipulates the real situation to favor any action against Venezuela. We have problems like other states. We have led a successful struggle for years to reduce poverty, raise the quality of employment and give education to over 90 percent of our children. The United States is trying to mount a humanitarian crisis to justify military intervention,’ he said.

‘We have the most powerful empire in the world freezing all our accounts and our assets abroad, chasing every ship that comes with products. Of course that has brought a major mismatch, but we’re going to get through it,’ he added.

Maduro assured he has solid popular support, reflected in the numerous electoral victories in recent years, and demanded respect from the international community for Venezuela’s sovereignty.

We are a noble country and we have the right to peace. U.S. President Donald Trump is trying to impose on us a government that no one has elected, that has unconstitutionally proclaimed itself. Some European countries are being carried away by this extremist policy, which violates the Charter of the United Nations, he said.

The Venezuelan president urged the peoples of the world to open their eyes, denounce these aggressions and understand that only in peace can their nation solve its problems.

‘If you want to support us, say no to the intervention and ask the United States to take its hands off Venezuela,’ he said.


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