Maduro: Chavez is Future and Renewed Hope

Caracas, March 5 (Prensa Latina) The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, assured this Tuesday that commander Hugo Chavez is future and renewed hope that impels the people to preserve the national sovereignty.

From the Military Historical Museum Cuartel de la Montaña February 4, where the remains of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution rest, the head of state said that six years after the death of Chávez Venezuelans in civil-military union and as part of his patriotic legacy face a battle for respect for the institutionality of the South American country.

Maduro stated that thanks to the teachings and example of the supreme commander, the Bolivarian nation continues in the permanent struggle against ‘the enemies who tried to extinguish your voice so many times’.

The president highlighted the presence of Chavez’s family in the commemoration and affirmed that their ideas of justice and dignity will continue to be rooted in the growth of the socialist process of the 21st century.

He highlighted how the Latin American leader gave Venezuela its own voice in the concert of international nations, and helped open the way to a multipolar and multi-centric world.

Maduro also highlighted Chávez’s role in the foundation of the integrationist mechanisms that twinned the countries of the region.

He stated that those who try to destabilize the peace of the Republic do not want to recognize that there is a dignified people willing to fight for citizen tranquility.

As part of the tribute, the dignitary decorated military personnel who defended the border areas of the country last February 23 when the local right wing, lifted by the United States Government, tried to enter national territory with supposed humanitarian aid and thus justify a military intervention.

Maduro stressed the need for popular mobilization as a weapon of combat against the interferenceist strategies of the opposition, and for this he called for a popular march on March 9 to defend the anti-imperialist character of the Bolivarian Revolution.


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