Maduro: ‘Amazing’, the Global #NoMoreTrump Protests

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro salutes Caracas crowds during World Protest Day, #NoMasTrump, #NoMoreTrump. Aug. 10, 2019
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro salutes Caracas crowds during World Protest Day, #NoMasTrump, #NoMoreTrump. Aug. 10, 2019

Hundreds of thousands came out in Caracas for World Protest Day against U.S. blockade on Venezuela; dozens of countries protest in support under #NoMoreTrump.

August 10 (teleSUR) Named ‘World Protest Day’, massive demonstrations took place Saturday in Venezuela and across the globe against the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump on this South American country.

Hundreds of thousands of people were in the streets of Caracas Aug. 10 with signs that read, ‘No Mas Trump’ in protest to the U.S. president and his administration that has prevented the Venezuelan government from accessing billions of its own dollars, and blocked food and medicine from entering the country.

Addressing the Caracas crowds, President Maduro said: “I salute the protests against the United States and their allies within Venezuela.” He added, “It is amazing to see all the people who joined across the country to say #NoMoreTrump, and we thank the solidarity of the world” in their Aug. 10 protests against the U.S. president.

The Venezuelan head of state added that after the blockade announced by the White House Aug. 5 he decided not to attend the dialogue in Barbados. 

“We are politically prepared to respond to the needs of the Venezuelan people. We are militarily prepared and we have a cohesive army loyal to the government,” asserted Maduro Saturday while addressing demonstrators. 

For the past several months, the U.S. and its allies, including the Organization of American States leaders, have repeatedly said they would take military action against Venezuela if democratically-elected President Maduro didn’t step down. On Aug. 1, a U.S. Navy EP-3E Aries II electronic spy aircraft violated Venezuelan airspace with a fly-over. 

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#LIVE | #Venezuela‘s President @NicolasMaduro sign the document that will be sent to the UN as part of the Great World Day of Protest against the #UnitedStates.#NoMoreTrump #HandsOffVenezuela

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#LIVE | #Venezuela‘s President @NicolasMaduro: “The Venezuelan opposition is Washington’s puppet, they use them and then kicks them.”#NoMoreTrump #HandsOffVenezuela

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The president reiterated, however, his administration is dedicated to peace. “I believe in dialogue. This conflict can be resolved with dialogue but respecting the constitution and the Venezuelan people.”

“It is a fight for peace against the sanctions imposed by the United States, and the dollar power.” The president told crowds, “We are prepared to win. For 20 years Venezuela has had a popular government. Today, we Venezuelans have dignity and are spiritually united.”

Dozens of countries took part in the World Protest Day under the hashtags, #NoMoreTrump, #NoMasTrump and #HandsOffVenezuela in support of Venezuela and the Maduro administration. Demonstrators in Australia, U.S., France, Aruba, South Korea, Haiti, Turkey Italy, Germany, Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Mozambique, among other nations, protested Saturday, demanding the U.S. administration halt their illegal and inhuman blockade on Venezuela and end their tactics to try and install their puppet and self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido.

After his speech, Maduro signed a manifesto that will be sent to the United Nations General Secretary Antonio Guterres, requesting their intervention so that the U.S. lift its total blockade on Venezuela. Protesters in the other countries also signed manifestos that will be sent the U.N.   

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