Lopez Obrador denounces campaign against him from Spanish companies

Mexico, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, denounced this Wednesday that foreign companies in the energy sector, especially Spanish ones, are behind the strong campaign of discredit against his government.

In his morning press conference from the state of Puebla, the president mentioned by name Hiberdrola, a Spanish company that has a monopoly domain of the private sector and sells energy to the Federal Energy Commission (CFE), which did not pay taxes and even demanded subsidies.

Lopez Obrador said he speaks openly about Hiberdrola because he has information that they are the ones leading this campaign of conservatism, an ideology that is characterized by its corruption and hypocrisy, and I have to say it so that the people know.

He reiterated that some companies, especially international ones, are very unhappy because order is being put in place and they are not allowed to do and undo as they did before, when they obtained the contracts because of influence, and this has nothing to do with the Spanish people, he clarified, but with companies that saw Mexico as a land of conquest.

We, he reaffirmed, have the mission of not increasing electricity rates as before with gasoline and we will not give in on that, and as we are now reviewing regulations there is a campaign against us and, of course, the government of Spain defends them. We are questioned one day if and the other day too, but we will not continue to allow theft and looting, he said.

It’s the same thing that happens with U.S. companies, and it’s not clear why they do it, because the ones with the monopoly are Spanish companies like Hiberdrola, which has 20 plants in the country, but we’re not going to take a step back because it’s in the interests of the people, he said.


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