Locally owned company may become first to establish business under Cuba’s Foreign Investment Act

A company, CLEBER, LLC, owned by a Jackson County resident, former commissioner Horace Clemmons along with his partner Saul Berenthal, has become the first US company considered for its establishment of an assembly/manufacturing facility in Cuba.

The company received a letter written by Cuba’s Idermis Gonzales Riera, Director of Process & Procedures, inviting the company to formalize their request of establishing the assemble/manufacturing facility in ZED Mariel.

The letter stated, “This letter is to ratify that we favorably endorse the preliminary interest shown by your company to become a user in the Special Development Zone Mariel (ZED Mariel), in the 100% Foreign investment mode. And with the purpose to implement in phases the assembly/manufacturing of tractors for marketing in the Cuba national market, as well as for export.

In a press release Clemmons said, “This agreement meets the letter and the spirit of Cuba’s new relationship with the USA and the stated goals of the Cuba Foreign Investment Act. An Alabama Company being accepted as the first US company to establish a business in Cuba is significant for the entire state. The contacts and experience CLEBER has gained implementing this project will be invaluable to everyone in the state.

The release stated that the project will provide simple, cost effective tractors to the Cuban farmers. The tractor is based on the design Allis-Chalmers – G which was manufactured from 1948 to 1955.

Written by Heather Garner, The Clarion

June 23, 2015

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