Lebanon’s President of the Parliament praises Cuba’s position

Beirut, Feb. 20 (Prensa Latina) Lebanon’s President of the Parliament Nabih Berri praised on Thursday Cuba’s unconditional position in defense of the Arab cause and that of Palestine during a meeting with Cuban Ambassador Alexander Pellicer.

Berri also referred to the outstanding performance of Cuba in the international arena and its resistance to the US hostility.

On that occasion, Pellicer explained about Cuba’s current economic situation and the damage caused by the White House’s genocidal policy, the main obstacle to development and society. Since the beginning of Trump’s term, US coercive measures against Cuba have tightened, and among the most recent sanctions, he noted, are those against countries transporting oil and gas to Cuba.

Both officials recognized the good state of bilateral relations and expressed their will to continue strengthening them.

They also highlighted the collaboration between Havana and Beirut in international forums and events.


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