Lebanese People Express Affection for Cuba to Che Guevara’s Daughter

By Armando Reyes Calderin, Beirut, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) Aleida Guevara March, Che Guevara´s daugther, received samples of affection, love and admiration during a three-day visit to Lebanon that included conferences and meetings with friends of Cuba until her leaving Saturday.

According to Kamil Habib, Dean of the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Law and Political Science, Guevara March rocked the student plenary with an update on the Cuban reality and the Latin American context.

Habib explained the characteristics of the center that breaks with the traditions of the country about confessionalism or sectarianism and specified that 9,250 students study in that faculty for a payment of 200 dollars a year.

A hundred students and the deanery as a whole gave a warm welcome to Aleida accompanied by Cuban diplomats on that day and a previous one at the American University of Lebanon.

Before beginning her lecture in law school, Che’s daughter apologized for the coincidence with the class schedule, although one of the students expressed that the best teaching of that day was to hear first hand references to the Cuban Revolution.

Another touching moment arose from Aleida’s explanation of her father’s symbolism when she said that among the attendees could arise other Che who might not become famous, but they will honor him if they follow the values and ethics of the Heroic Guerrilla.

Aleida also visited the Al Mayadeen pan-Arabic channel, toured its facilities and in a one-hour interview exposed the Cuban context and present challenges before a North American President like Donald Trump, who tries, according to her words, to sweep away the revolutionary processes of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

In a friendly meeting, one of those present asked the visitor what the responsibility of being Che’s daughter implied for her.

‘My mother educated us that when my father died we would find a setting of three groups of people, those who would spoil us, those who would demand that we follow my father’s example and those who would treat us as equals.

She taught us to stay in the last segment and not accept perks or privileges, as that way we would violate the concepts of Che Guevara.

And so, like a ordinary Cuban, my three brothers and I grew up without believing we were better or worse, just human beings with the values of a people that struggles to achieve a better future for all’, she pointed out.


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