Lawmakers of Mexico City Rejects U.S. Blockade against Cuba

Mexico, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The House of Representatives of the Federal District passed a statement rejecting the US blockade against Cuba and urged the Senate and the Mexican government to act accordingly.

At its 7th session, the plenary of the Mexico City Parliament asked the Senate to instruct the Mexican diplomatic representation at the UN to exercise its vote against Washington’s policy of siege against the Caribbean island.

The decision of the legislative body comes two weeks before the United Nations General Assembly votes on a Cuban resolution calling for an end to the economic, financial and trade blockade that the United States submits to the people of Cuba for more than half a century.

It will be the 25th time this happens. Last year 191 of the 193 states represented in the world body spoke out on the end of the blockade against Cuba.

Drafted by the Citizen Movement party, the proposal was presented by lawmaker Vania Avila, who considered that the US violates with that policy the human rights of Cubans.

It also stressed that the blockade is a unilateral act that violates the rights of third states to do business with Cuba, including Mexico, which suffers the extraterritorial application of such hostile policy.

Avila denounced that the current administration of President Donald Trump further cut chances of trade and financial transactions of the island, sending of family remittances, granting visas to Cuban citizens, as well as trips of Americans to Cuba.

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