Lawmakers Believe Texas Could Lead Nation in Trading With Cuba

AUSTIN — It has been a long time since the U.S. allowed full trade to Cuba, while some agricultural and medical products have been exported since 2000 the majority of American-made products have not.

Recent visits by both President Obama and Governor Gregg Abbott have some lawmakers and business owners hopeful the full embargo will be lifted soon.

Thursday the International Trade and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee joined the Agriculture and Livestock committee to discuss the possibilities. Lawmakers say there’s no reason Texas can’t lead the nation when it comes to trade with Cuba.

“Look, 95 percent of consumers for Texas products are outside of the United States. So it’s really important for us to open up new markets. For Texas agriculture, Cuba is a really important export market,” said Rep. Rafael Anchia, with Texas House District 103.

The President has called for a lift of the Cuban Embargo but that of course would require an act of Congress.

By David Cawton, Time Warner Cable News
March 31, 2016

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